350 Hancock Avenue | Hamilton, Ohio 45011


To the wonderful staff at Huntington Court, there are not enough words to express the thanks that our family would like to express to all of you. Our aunt, Margie, was a loving, wonderful lady. She brought joy to everyone who knew her. In her five plus years there, she was always happy and extremely well-cared for. In the last few days of her life she was always being visited. The staff was always there -- holding her hand, telling her they loved her, saying good bye. It was comforting to see and made her passing a little easier to accept knowing how well she was loved by all. It is with deepest gratitude that I thank you all.


During my rehab stay here at Huntington Court, I can honestly say I was impressed daily at each staff member in this building goes above and beyond for all the residents and don't mind doing so. Of course I'm happy to get back home, but to say I'm overjoyed at getting out of here wouldn't be true at all. I have been beyond pleasantly surprised with my stay. Please thank everyone for me!!


I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU, to you and your staff for the care and dedication you have shown to Scott, I feel very good about placing him with you. I base this on your being on top of the transition, your quick follow-ups, and willingness to step up and do what is needed for your client.
We need more of this in our business. I consider myself, and Scott blessed to have found you all in the search for a place for him.
Know in your heart of hearts you all are appreciated and you are on my list of people to count on.


The staff at Huntington Court has been so good to me! I know exactly where I’ll go if I ever need help again, I can’t thank you all enough!!


My stay at Huntington Court has been a pleasant surprise! I dreaded not being home and independent but this was definitely the right choice to come here and do my rehab! No way I could have managed at home or been doing so well so quickly. I love all the staff even the therapist that were making me work and exercise, everyone definitely knows what they're doing here and all of you are so kind!!


It was not my choice to come to Huntington Court, my Doctor made me. I am so glad he did now! You all have just been so nice and helped me more than I even realized I needed help. I feel so much better than I did, I feel much safer going home now. Please tell everyone at Huntington thank you for me!

Mr. Avery

I came in here not knowing if I could ever go home. If everyone here would not have worked with me as hard as they did, I would not be able to go home and be with my family again. I give Huntington all the credit.


The stay was wonderful! The staff were great! I met a lot of great people and good friends.


I would refer anyone here, including my own mother if needed. The staff is caring and friendly. The staff makes us all feel like family. If you can't live in your own home, Huntington Court will make you a part of theirs.


The Staff at Huntington Court,
I want to thank you for providing such a nice meal for your residents and their families. Everything was good and handled so well! My niece and I enjoyed getting to eat a Thanksgiving dinner with my sister that evening.
Thank you again,

Virginia D. and Darlene M.